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madball – lockdown lyrics


don’t ask me nomore questions
just get out of my face
i told you i know nothing
i’m leaving this f-cked up place
you’re trying to take my freedom for
something that i haven’t done
i’m not a f-cking rat
so just go f-ck yourself

justice, justice
that word don’t mean nothing to you
f-ck you, f-ck you
f-ck you and your system too
you’ve ruined my life
there’s no turning back now

if i don’t rat i’ll never get out
i know nothing, that’s not
what i’m about
you locked me up an innocent man
because i got some pride
i got some pride

can’t you see what you’re
doin’ to me
locked me down when i should be free
i’ve done no wrong
i’m an innocent man
you don’t give a f-ck
you’ll never understand

- madball lyrics

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