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madchild – animal fight lyrics

[verse 1]
i’m an underground hip hop tyc–n
you’re a kite dancing in the wind, i’m a typhoon
this isn’t a miserable prison, this is my room
mad’s a cowboy having a showdown a high noon
who wants to step, i welcome you to the test
only marketing isn’t sh-t, but i’m arguably the best
when i’m not on drugs and i’m obviously not on meds
i’m a pirate, i’ll steal your gold in mahogany wooden chest
and i’m back to f-cking groupies, m-ssagin’ me on my bed
i don’t answer the phone at night ‘cause i’m probably getting head
i’m a hobbling goblin gobbling rappers that think they’re problems here
said i’m a goblin b-tch, but down for robbing your sh-t
haters and doubters have probably thought i’m dead
got you stuck on stupid, a wobbling bobblehead
you think you’re funny you dummy i’m making money b-tch
talking sh-t in the rain, out here it’s f-cking sunny b-tch
and on this harbor, no harboring, no resentment
but on that harbor i marvel it all to tension
and people think that i’m walking ’round with my henchmen
while scheming and plotting vengeance
that’s not even my intentions
my psycho -n-lysis from psycho -n-lysts
i’m psycho and a risk, iphone’s camera click
i video my show with the lights on in a dark room
light six hundred candles lit, in case i go ham and sh-t
they hope to catch me having a meltdown again
like, my skull’s a microwave and my brain’s a banana split
but i can handle it, hold the mic with a hammer grip
got rid of all the bad companionship’s
now they’re like manny rips

animal fight (x2)

[verse 2]
yo, i’m running this division again, it’s mine, i ran it
i’ve gave some people a chance, but sh-t, i’ve had it
i’m holding on to bars and i can see their eyes panic
hit with every sentence so hard, it’s like time added
the sharpest knife in the drawer when i grind at it
i’m adding, climatic line pattern, rhyme addict
vicious on the streets and i still got some enforcers
and my listeners, they know my psychological tortures
yo, i’m climbing from the bottom still
black chanel balaclava, diamond bottom grill
two missions completed, got one mission left
spit with every vicious breath, it’s the kiss of death
your sh-t is leaking, wouldn’t want to be in your boat
back here to turn all of these animals into fur coats
so get the f-ck out of my way homie, vámonos
knocking over everyone at once, line of dominoes
madchild, i am colder than the winter games
little rocky playing hockey in versace vintage frames
did some dumb sh-t that got some warriors nervous
back to murdering, i’m burden with a glorious purpose
stand 5 foot 7 but i still hear some rambling
if i’m a dwarf, i’m worth money like a 4 foot companion
a champion that can’t be in that state of mind for too long
the blue’s gone, the true strong survived. time to move on

- madchild lyrics

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