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marcu5thebaw5 – wombo combo 2 lyrics


marcus the boss
y’all should already know what’s about to go down
you hear this song? this is the song you remix when you gotta cook someone
so without further ado, let’s get it

[verse 1]
it’s time, even though i didn’t want to do this
but you left me no choice, so i guess i have to do it
you think that you beat me but i went ham like a sandwich
call me iplaytennislol, i have a clear advantage
you beat me a few times, but that doesn’t even matter
cause you got luckier than the peeps on suspect ladders
i’d stop if i were you cause from here it goes downhill
if this was a pokerap, my lyrics sting like beedrill
[verse 2]
second verse but the message stays crystal clear
i’ll warn you again; you should just stop here
keep going if you want, but you’ll probably be sorry
not to mention, you’re 0-3 vs yung charry
keep talking; everything you say? you won’t do it, guy
challenging the fresh prince? we call that suicide
you can rarely win without haxing homies
so sit down; shut up; you barely even know me

[verse 3]
you’re straight clowning, with them big old shoes
drive around in one of those tiny cars too?
get out of the way. the king is inside
call it lime rhyme; you’ll have a bad time
+marcu5thebaw5 is free! how are you stopping me?
put the remote control down! you ain’t pausing me!
unplug your controller; i gave you the corporation
they’ll be asking where you’re at like the wombo combination

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