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mark humphreys – leap day lyrics

okay a 1, a 2 a 1, 2, 3

when god made eve in the month of june
so adan and eve got married
but the apple got eaten one afternoon
on the 29th of february
it was leap day
i’m staring at a wall thinking at my sleep
but i won’t even try to
i’m thinking of the promises i won’t keep
and who i’ll say goodbye to
when it’s leap day
the season changed again
oh, it’s leap day
i new wind is blowing in
it leaves under, it’s leap day

a waitress walks off the dinning room floor
suddenly starts laughing
she walks right out of that restaurant door
she’s not quite sure what’s happening
and it’s leap day
if i should fall between the cracks
i know the drop won’t kill me
that i ain’t saying i won’t be back
i just stay saying i will be
and it’s leap day
it’s almost time to go
oh, it’s leap day
i know i’m tommy so
still i know, it’s leap day
i know my mind
the times do flies away
i know my soul
here i know
that it’s leap day

a little girl sitting in the chair at the rear
in the middle of a funeral service
she whispers real quite in her mamma’s ear
she says “how could everybody is so nervous”
and it’s leap day
i’m standing on the road where the highways meet
i have no love to carry
just one small dream and two tired feet
and it’s the 29th of february
it’s leap day
i guess i’m going alone
oh, it’s leap day
i’m finally on my own
and in my bones, it’s leap day
it’s leap day

- mark humphreys lyrics

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