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marty stuart – redemption lyrics


sometimes the only thing to do is turn around and go back home
when every way there is to turn has vanished and is gone
i’ve used up every trick that i had hidden up my sleeve
think it’s time i reconcile with what i had to leave

in a little country graveyard, in the middle of the night
i’m kneeling by the memory of the one who gave me life
she always knew me better than i’ll ever know myself
i keep hearing her and jesus say, “surrender son and rest”

redemption, like the moon tonight, hangs pretty, soft and low
and how it’s been up until now don’t matter anymore
in the middle of this darkness, i see a light that shines
like a beacon of forgiveness saying, “pilgrim, all is fine”

there’s one more journey left for me, that’s all that’s left to do
and in the dirt he wrote a simple note that said, “momma i love you”

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