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masicka – no big deal lyrics

[verse 1:]
people say me a di baddest artist ever touch di mic
mi nuh come fi talk ’bout other artists and dem dutty life
cause none a dem nuh bad enuh, mm mmm, a just di hype
mi masicka, more dangerous, than a rusty knife
anything mi a do, mi just do it like nike
when mi a go shopping, nah, mi nuh ask price
gyal a tell me say she love me, like jesus christ
when she see mi her heart melt like piece of ice
give me di catchy load, with the leaf of life
no man a no mi don, mi nuh follow back of guys
dem only bad inna dem song with them one bagga lies
hol’ on deh e-noxx, mek me give dem a surprise
never pay fi play mi song, or beg no man fi voice
when dem a share di cake, mi never beg no man nuh slice
so how dem waan fi stop me now, when me deh pon a rise
hypocrites, cyan look inna mi eyes, tell dem…

we got girls too
we got money
we a tek over for real
yo, a weh some bwoy feel?
we have money too
we got girls ya
lyrics inna overdrive
we a tek over for real
yo, a weh some bwoy feel?, ehh

- masicka lyrics

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