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mc frontalot – the council of loathing lyrics

after all i’ve done for the council,
they’d so soon be rid of me.
give me a million meat i’ll only squander it — promise you —
gambling, angling to shut down my entanglement. honest to
goodness, wish i could quit the kingdom,
leave it. i’d sing like how you hear some people sing when
they’re happy about something, hearts bursting open.
but i find that each ascension, i get reborn holding tokens
instead of gripping onto everlasting peace.
level one and fighting rabbits. nothing for a feast.
nothing for the thirst. armor is wack.
a familiar bar bas-m-nt, turning off the tap
for the rats. stocking up on gum and string.
got a long life ahead, deja vu: what it may bring.
yet i can’t put it down till the crystal breaks,
and by that time i’m an old stick figure, got stakes
in the world as it stands, don’t want to leave it,
but i must — because i plague it, as the council would conceive it.
nuts to dyin’! i like lingering more.
just because the councilmembers think the monsters are a ch-r-
and (just because i draw them into being) reach accord
that i should be banished? yo i should be adored.
what’s more, their monarch’s liberty problem persists
if i don’t take matters up into my fists,
my instruments and my cooking utensils,
and cease the sorceress’s reprehensible dissemblance:
make her show her sausage. fight it with my wand.
might sound a little dirty but the creatures like to sp-wn.
and if i adventure at all, i find a few before long.
barely notice them now, i’m so sneaky and strong.
so the council requests i desist? i’m unwilling.
take the bas-m-nt to its bottom ‘fore i vanish. am i still in
the kingdom though tempted by plexigl-ss?
you could give me a million meat, it won’t last.

- mc frontalot lyrics

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