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mercury rev – hercules lyrics


in the morning your face cracks and falls to the sea
the sun follows your step and leads you back to me
you keep telling yourself that you’re here but you’re not alone
and you get the feeling your mind is not your own

in the evening the sun’s red gown turns to brown
the moon follows you to the beach, then it swallows you down
strange how you can change and end up at her feet
you keep telling yourself but you know that you’re not to be believed

you and me and hercules in between
you and me and hercules in between

shadows rise from the plain, fifty men row
in the distance the ships in the waves cash in their load
on the hill stands colossus and your mind can feel
clouds from your past now at last open to reveal

you and me and hercules in between
you and me and hercules in between

cross the desert sand, no one knows your name
and you wish you were somewhere else with some kind of fame
what appears as your shadow is formless as a mist
you keep telling your friends you know it exists

one becomes two then before you turns to three
and words climb your tongue like a ladder to speak
drifting as you go but you row till it seems
all is one, all is mind, all is lost and you find, all is dream

you and me and hercules in between

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