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metalium – infinite love lyrics


[theme: shakespeare’s rome and juliet / united kingdom]

the moment we’ve seen us, our hearts were so tense
our families they hate it, with blood as defence

so perfect, this love, created by fate
cruelly ironic- love springs from their hate


now and forever we’ll carry as one


no matter the hate this love won’t be done

[juliet & romeo:]

hold me in your arms, feel my heart
even death couldn’t make us part
infinite love
soon we will meet above


shakespeare’s cl-ssical tragic love story about
the young lovers romeo and juliet.
their families hated and fought against each other.
the drama ends deadly for both, but they knew that not even
death could bring thje couple apart. it seemed simply impossible
for one of them to live without the other.
leonard bernstein wrote according this story his
interpretation called “west side story”

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