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mirror of deception – float lyrics

(j. fopp / last verse: m. baumhauer)

a burning bridge in the wake of silence
crossing the rivers of liquid ice
the spiral virtue sentenced with the virus
led by temptation and the echoing words

a final reflection the firestarter’s on the run
playing hide and seek inside this maze of oblivion
a vultures’ feast on the doorsteps to serenity
tiny streams of magma dripping through the shallow graves

gifted with the p-wns of nothingness
the void’s embrace a fatal delight
a leaden fly on the way to the moon
on the rise yet drowning
entangled in this infinite trawl

floating the deserted oceans
sanctified is this irregular quest
and i dream of dying
alone i wait for my bride
now i cannot explain
these words of pain
to you my dying friend

- mirror of deception lyrics

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