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missy elliott – ugly lyrics

(missy)you sho is ugly
(timbaland) awwww u ugly
(blaque) hey boy don’t mean to be rude
but the way u comin on, made me catch an att-tude
u wanna know what the deal
but what’s up wit yo grill
’cause u ugly so please stopping junk in my face

(chorus) missy
turn the lights off
turn the lights off
yea u ugly but whoo there some hoes in here
turn the lights off
turn the lights off
boy u ugly so whoo wont u disappear

sorry to hurt yo feelings
’cause boy u look so appealing
u keep steppin to me
but we will neva be
’cause u ugly so there will be no conversating


when the lights off
boy u look real good
i wanna give u my numba but something tell me don’t do it
when the lights come on and i see yo face up close

(missy) d-mn u ugly as h-ll
and on top of that u broke as a joke

how dare u walk up
on me like u supa fly
as long as it’s dark in here u know every chick is mine
aint no way u gone take me home

u so ugly (2x)

aww u ugly

boy what done hit yo face
it must’ve been a can of mase
i aint got no nuttin to say
just two words out there
boy just give me some sp-ce
ugly is not a very good case
that outfits just a waste
’cause it aint doin jack for yo face
that’s why girls running away
like roaches when they hear raid
it might be foul to say
but it’s foul for u to look that way
and i don’t want yo chedda
i don’t care what u say whatever
’cause me and u will neva be
d-mn u so ugly

you sho is ugly
awwww u ugly

now tina on the mic
i match ugly when i spit on the first night
boy u make me want to breed and brail
so i can’t even vision gettin numbas u give
here baby lets politic
did yo mama let u out like this (eel)
i know u wanna do me baby, but im kinda into cuties lately
matta of fact homeboy let me hook u up
heres 2 bucks gone get yo fade edged up
and don’t mistake my statement for for a clown
we can keep it on the low
just as long as u know
uuu ugly

u so ugly(4x)


- missy elliott lyrics

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