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mr t experience – hello kitty menendez lyrics

h-llo kitty menendez oh what a summer we had i’m struggling through but when i think of you things don’t seem so bad i’m glad you’re there to befriend us when things go from bad to worse we’re all getting chewed up our lives are all screwed up but not as screwed up as yours and the people will say what the people will say in this age of neglect and abuse but each
p-ssing day can be bigger better brighter than ever now that we have the menendez excuse and though your case may soon be replaced by the michael jackson pedophile trial you’ve got wessonality celebrity panache and style and whether you have been abused as or by a child there’ll be non compos mentises for all those menendezes and menendezes apprentices and doctors and dentists so h-llo kitty menendez wherever you may be you’ll be watching over me and i’ll be watching court tv.

- mr t experience lyrics

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