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mr t experience – i fell for you lyrics

i fell for you. im gonna throw a fit and if you fall for it you’re gonna
fall for me too. fall for me. can’t you see it’s the least you can do? i
did it all for you. what have you ever done for me? well you sn-tched me
from the jaws of death, that’s true, and you rescued me with your last
breath, that too, but what have you done for me lately? i fell for you
when i saw you there, and it’s only fair that you fall for me too. for
love is this serious game where once you lost your shirt, and even more,
kind of a mysterious game where once you get hurt you start believin’
more, even more. i was created to fall for you. now i’ve paraded it all
for you, so start falling when i give the signal. ready? go. i fell for
you. don’t want to sound too stern but now it’s your turn, you’ve got to
fall for me too.

- mr t experience lyrics

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