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mr t experience – i’m like yeah but she’s all no lyrics

boy meets girl,
girl teases boy,
boy looks for something to destroy.

he’s into her,
she’s onto him,
and that’s the way it’s always been.

she’ll be with you if you want her to,
unless she finds out that you do.
then somehow she won’t want to be,
it turns around so suddenly.

and i’m like yeah,
but she’s all no,
and i’m all come on baby, let’s go,
and she’s like i don’t think so,
and i’m going…

the search for love and happiness
turns out to be a game of chess.
you can’t move or you flip the board,
and you’re lying in pieces on the floor.

i’m like um,
and she’s all hey,
and i’m all come on baby,
let’s play, and she’s like that’s ok,
and i’m going…

every day
i just want to say
i love her madly,
but i do it so badly,
that when i do,
i can’t get through.
if she even listens,
she’s way off in the distance.

success in these relationships
rests more or less on gamesmanship,
and these are ships that i can’t board,
or keep in order
or afford.

i’m like yeah,
but she’s like no,
and i’m all come on baby, lets go,
and she’s like idon’t think so,
and i’m going.
i’m going.
i’m going.

- mr t experience lyrics

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