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mr t experience – make up lyrics

i know you can’t make up your mind
i can’t make up my mind either
though we know we haven’t got time
we still keep on digging deeper
and i want to say there’s no use in pretending
but i could pretend forever
cause the more we pretend the more we get into
though we know we know better
you make up your watery eyes
and i’ll make up more excuses
on beyond believable lies
you really don’t think i’d do it
but we’re only a step away from disaster
every day brings us closer
and the closer we get the more we go after
pushing each other over
and i don’t want to see us run over by a truck
that would be so pointless
so i’m looking both ways but i don’t know why
i try so hard to avoid it
can’t make up my mind
i’ll make up my mind
when you make up your mind

- mr t experience lyrics

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