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mr t experience – my stupid life lyrics

i’ve been doing nothing in particular i’ve been figuring out what i was gonna do now somehow the time has gone by and i didn’t do the things that i wanted to looking back it seems like i should have known walking down and up and down the avenue wasn’t such a smart way to go but it’s all i knew how to do and you’re gonna say isn’t it okay cause you kept on trying and i’m gonna lie and explain how i’ve been a value giant or i don’t care like pierre waiting for the lion to eat me up while
i think about my stupid life. i’ve been told that i spend too much time alone and asked why i never take this jacket off i’m either caught in the headlights or running around like a chicken with its head cut off i recall i once heard a story it might be apocryphal but anyway there’s this guy who got so bored that he chopped off his own head well i won’t do that but it seems like at some point something should happen there’s got to be some sort of redemption or at least some french in action but there’s nothing yet and i can’t get no disaffection not even that so let me tell you about my stupid life. whoa. my stupid life.

- mr t experience lyrics

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