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mr t experience – she’s my alcatraz lyrics

now you see it now you don’t
things make sense, and then they won’t
i can barely see across the bay

she’s so distant and obscure
i can’t escape from her
until i’m far enough away

and alcatraz comes in and out of sight
and alcatraz is flashing in the night
and i think of the one, a distant blur,
a piece of me still lodged in her
held prisoner – she’s my alcatraz

things i think i almost know
discontinued long ago
once occurred inside her walls

and i can’t helping thinking of
harsh rituals of love
that no one quite recalls

but alcatraz doesn’t really care
and alcatraz almost isn’t there
but i think of the one, so dear to me
whose face i still can almost see
distantly –she’s my alcatraz

so un-together
under the weather
i can’t make it out

and alcatraz is a distant blur
so alcatraz looks a lot like her
and i almost see her taking shape
and part of me still can’t escape
n-body has – she’s my alcatraz

- mr t experience lyrics

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