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mr t experience – she’s not a flower lyrics

she’s not a flower
she isn’t growing in your garden today
you couldn’t cultivate her anyway
you’re not a king bee
you like honey and you’re packing a sting
but there really isn’t such a thing
you’re in flight, and she smells all right
but she’s not a flower

she’s not an ocean
that you’re an island in the middle of
and there isn’t any prison of love
you’re not a freebird
hey you, up on that mountain peak
can’t you hear what’s coming out of your beak?
you can say you’ll fly away
but you’re not a freebird

love’s not a poison
you better find a better reason why
you feel like you want to die
a broke heart won’t kill you
you might suffer till the end of your days
but that was gonna happen anyways
and even if the love you mourn
is equal to the love you scorn
and fortune mocks the love you gave
and someone lays her on your grave

she’s not a flower

- mr t experience lyrics

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