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mr t experience – t-shirt commercial lyrics

we like playing punk rock music
yeah i guess that’s true
but what we prefer is selling
merchandise to you.

so why don’t you go get a pencil
while i give you an example
of the many satisfied
customers that we’ve served fine.

maurine has a mr. t shirt
it looks really good
if you don’t have a mr. t shirt
don’t you wish you could?
mich-lle has our new cd
she’s a fan of mr. t
tammy drives in her corvette
listening to our c-ssette.

we’ve got records
we’ve got t-shirts
large and extra-large
we take visa and discover
we take mastercharge.

for further information write to:
the mr. t experience
p.o. box 4848 shattuck square
berkeley, california 94704
ses habla espagnol.

- mr t experience lyrics

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