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mr t experience – together tonight lyrics

there was a time when i had you back i let it go by fear prejudice pride melancholy or tact i don’t really know why when there was nothing but time i let it go by what am i coughing up i don’t even know why we should be talking not just tying up the phone line let’s be together tonight i don’t know why i’m a time bomb waiting to go off but even if i should lose my mind
that’s really no loss even if i lose my mind it would be no loss even though i know it wouldn’t mean a whole lot i’m getting tired of being rock ’em sock ’em robots let’s be together tonight oh oh oh oh oh oh if ever i have you back again i’m gonna hold on tight the question is now the answer is when the meaning is all night if ever i have you again well i’ll hold on tight nothing can hold me back when i hold you all night come over and i’ll pretend that everything is all right let’s be together tonight.

- mr t experience lyrics

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