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mr t experience – two-minute itch lyrics

i live in a little hole with a color tv and remote control and it gets to me
forget the difference between the screen and me and me and the screen. i
think of you when i’m watching channel two but it takes too long to find out
there’s nothing going on, so better do it baby as fast as you can cause i’ve
got a ten second attention span if i could get your skull in my vertical hold if
i could get my pause on your scenes from our last show i think of you when
i’m watching channel two then you start fading and i get so sick of waiting
baby baby baby baby baby two minute itch two minute itch yeah now
listen to this and it’s tough to turn away we set things up but the set won’t
stay nothing now can make me change. i got a handgun for twenty bucks
from an offer on the back of a cereal box it’s got a smurf trigger the bullets
are blue i hope i don’t have to use it on you i know i’m crazy but i just want
something to happen baby i think of you cause what else am i supposed to
do two minute itch.

- mr t experience lyrics

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