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mr t experience – what is punk lyrics

had a dream i was on tv
phil donahue meets mr. t
i came on stage, sat down, and cracked a beer
phil said, “i really love the band.
my daughter is your biggest fan.
but there is just one thing i’ve got to hear:

what is punk?”

i said, “we drink a lot of stroh’s,”
and alex punched him in the nose
“we see your daughter after every show”
then we set fire to his hair
and stole his pen and broke his chair
he said, “there’s just one thing i want to know:
what is punk?”

we scrawled the walls with mtx
while byron grabbed him by the neck
frank said the seven words you shouldn’t say
then alex started looking p-ssed
and said, “i hope we’re paid for this”
and phil said, “thank you, guys, you made my
what is punk?”

- mr t experience lyrics

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