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my darkest fury – difficulties are to come lyrics

no way out, you’re alone,
your mind is dimmed.
you’re lost in thoughts, what to do?
only time will show it.

what you had you won’t give back,
whether it’s luck, lies or hurt,
but it’ll leave a mark in you
if you want it or not.

stay reserved, trust no one
or some trouble’s gonna come.

think you’re a hard nut to crack
but you may be broken down.
if something bad happens,
don’t focus on, go straight on.

you must always go ahead
whatever may happen.

you must be strong,
no place for the weak,
don’t give up,
everything’s gonna be ok.

if something happens to you,
no one will help-you’ll fight alone.
every man wanna save himself,
everyone spit upon others.

- my darkest fury lyrics

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