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nadddir – s’all good lyrics


[tribute to lil peep]

cause i don’t even know what the h-ll i was waiting for
i see only closed doors
and i ain’t giving a f-ck about the pain, it’s what im looking for
you’d like to see even more
and i remove the skin from under my nails, that sh-t hurts
but i’m doing okay, pain is just a gal with whom i flirt
and i remove the nail, upside down goes the cross
and i remove my nails, that sh-t rain on the floor
and i don’t even know why the h-ll i am standing here
don’t even know how i feel
and i ain’t even walking away from all the sh-t that used to give me fear
cause i don’t know how i feel
but i miss you, i miss her, i miss the fact that i hate her
sometimes i just need her arms
and i f-ck up, i told her, i’ll her to destroy my chains
make a good boy of the black hole that tainted my veins

(rest in peace)