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naethan apollo – listen when you miss me lyrics


[intro + spoken]
i wrote this for you to listen to when you miss me
so i could let you know that i miss you too

[verse 1]
’cause when you’re around
music has a brighter sound
you show me the little things
i smile when you point them out
and when you’re by my side
the sunset and sunrise has way more colors
than my brain can comprehend
you’ve shown again you’re like no other
you’re the one i think about
when i’m without a happy day
you’re the one who fills the silence
when i’ve got nothing to say
i wish you could hear my thoughts when i catch you with a smile
’cause if you could, your insecurities would vanish for a while
so far away
i wish we weren’t so far away
but, it’s okay

[verse 2]
’cause when you’re back in my city
i hope you come here to stay
n0body thought this would work
but when there’s a will there’s a way
i fantasize about living
out in a home by the lake
so i could get goodnight kisses
after working all day
i’ll say i do
if you do too
i want to be so close to you
i can’t get close enough
you’re the only one who ever got me to open up
’cause my heart has a lock
but your hand has the key
and i bet a million bucks
that i’ll never wanna leave
and i know that this life sucks sometimes
i know you wish you could give up sometimes
but hold on one more day
soon we won’t be so far away
i can’t wait