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nandan – digitalia lyrics


(verse 1)
hey baby cheerio welcome to my world
it’s a digital fantasy for the boys and girls
so robotic and sonic, it’s technological
a new reality with animated visuals
i keep it cool in a pool made of circuitry
a pixelated image is flashing on a screen
i touch it then look away to another scene
this imagery’s real man this is not a dream

we are the people of digitalia
a world where your head is gone, acephalia
this place is reality lost in fantasy
with megabyte mountains and cybernetic seas
we flow in the data files roaming like were free
we grow with the power of electricity
there’s no place i wanna go or would rather be
i’ll stay in the digiworld for eternity

(verse 2)
every bit of data is a matter of my being
did i mention disconnection would be death upon the scene
we’re dependent on the streams
we’re connected to your dreams
it’s electric and eccentric, we are bursting through the seams
this emotion is emotion that creates a neuro charge
a transfer of intelligence that is very large
the moment we depart we powered up the bars
we gotta push start this world is fully charged
touch it turn it see it be it feel it squeeze it organise it need it feed it beat it eat it screen it work it formulate it take it break it make it wake it shake it bake it animate it work it circuits word it perfect verdict loading automatic