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narcy – paranoid arab boy lyrics


[verse 1:]
dedicated to the pain in my heart
pinching on a very little part
hurts to hear like linkin park
are you ready for the start of the end?
breaking over society, america
lynching me in a rowdy area
baba don’t shroud me, please be proud you carried a manacle that grew from a shrewd boy in ascension
you knew i throw big words at them henchmen
pierce holes for the sentence
so dark you could see ghosts park near the bench listening to narce
between iraq and a hard place
spark dimensions between charred faces of infants
i ain’t in a stark , instant part of sp-ce time with the martyrs a harrow
we seek tomorrow, and peace and sorrow
beneath god as we follow the signs of the peace i know to the pieces i lay my head down, then to painfully say now, sway to the winds of the heavens, think of the seventh, aim for the first then link with 11 prophets and angels, twinkle like the stars of planets
topple azazel amazing the praise so raising the dead to erase all the hate you will face in a place so laced with the ways of the shade bomb
hey mom, really difficult to stay calm when the devil is on i will level being judged as a rebel in the lush as the meadows are close to the touch you could brush them in echoes
don’t trust in a vessel. for a desert, to the dirt you return where you came to your birth, the name that you say is a label before you came is the one with the flames as your soon in due time in the rivers of wine delivering time to the glimmer and the sun to
your days in the one you should praise raised you to a wonderful place out of thunder that hunts humans hunted and praised at, luncheons praised for the function by the blades of induction til the final day is a final function, souls for the suction, gotta find a way to instruct them
this can’t be right, from the battle of the antichrist to the missing sun set in the west, our mission done blessed with the best visions
unkempt in regret
when there were no tears left
but your ears wept and you slept fearless
there’s no fooling god at all
lā ʾilāha ʾillā-llāh, muḥammadur-rasūlu-llāh