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nas – amongst kings lyrics


first i see a flashin’ light, then on my own
i hear nothin’, the smell of fire in brimstone
i feel hundreds arms grabbin’ me, fallin’ down the hole
is it because there is no gravity my body leaves my soul
is the devil mad at me? will i go to h-ll?
or is it heaven that awaits me?, is too early to tell
is it now that i’m to be judged?
will i face thee bright tunnel warm lights?
will embrace me before force takes me
like i’m movin’ through high winds
see my self in baby carriages, relatives and friends
things manifest, kings from every planets rest here
beams of light hear the voice of the nazareth near

[hook: nas]
you ‘amongst kings’ from both far near land
made in my emit son of god son of man
you came in the spirit for i am that i am
father of all worlds fallin’ angels in the land

seen my body layin’ down in the ground
it was painless, didn’t feel a thing
shots ring felt the anxious to get up and run
i was atheist, committed suicide
i wish i could erase this sh-t
i seen a new life before the christ
he created night & day, the sun & moon
from the virgin woman’s womb
we lookin’ down at my body, emergency room
doctors frownin’ at me surgical performs, i’m doomed
it’s my day of judgment, eternal peace & fire
far past the stars far past the orion
i asked that you forgive father, i was tryin’
many thrones in the light but only one’s truly shinin’


faster then the blinkin’ eye, is the master or not
face to face (uh) bitin’ my case so we debate (where?)
countin’ all my sins (ok), where do we begin
when i stabbed the man in the train station or drunk gin
when i grabbed the man let the sh-lls h-t him from the mac 10
it was all retaliation, (from what?) from way back then
now i got the black benz (and) trips from aspen (and)
disney world for my little girl and i’m askin’
you would recognize all the good deeds i’m worth (dear god)
send me on a trip god please the earth
so i can deliver thou want it, stop playin’
he gave me life, i screamed out loud that “i am…”
(nas… nastradamus)

[outro: nas]
and i saw another mighty angel come down from heaven (i am)
clothe wit the cloud (nastradamus)
and the rainbow was upon his head as a crown (i am)
and his face was lit as were the sun (i am)
and his feet as pillars of fire (nastradamus)
and his name was nastradamus (i am)
(i am nastradamus)