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nelly – one & only lyrics


1 and only lyrics

[intro: nelly]
yo… we cool, right?
nah i mean, we go back
you know, back before the records
before you went to college and became this person who you are
oh, congratulations on that anyway too, so
but, for a long time it’s been somethin i need to tell you
uhh, uhh, uhh – listen

[nelly – singing]
you see we been knowin each other since we were about this high
same elementary, shared the same bus stop
even as a youngster i knew you was so fly
even back then i knew you were the one
i watched you grow, i watched your transformation
right through school to your current occupation
it took this long for me to man up and have this conversation
but f-ck it, here it go

[chorus: nelly]
i want you, to want me
girl i need to know that, i can be your one and only
i need you, to need me
see you were my worst mistake girl, and that’s why
it’s hard to keep my cool when i see you with him
cause i really wish that you were right here
tell me what’s it take to win just a – piece of your heart
my only kryptonite is you, that’s why anything you say i’ll do
so let me stop for a minute, take a second to say
girl you take my breath away, awayyyy
girl you take my breath away (awayyyy)
you take my breath away, you take my breath away, yeah
[nelly – singing]
uh, uh, uh, uh, uh
they say one man’s trash is the next man’s treasure
where one finds pain the next might find pleasure
i don’t pay attention to them haters, now or never
i don’t give a d-mn who was before me (me)
all that matters is you’re with me now
all i need to know is that you’re down
man it’s somethin special about round-the-way ladies
ride-or-die baby, girl


[nelly – rapping]
yeah, on the real, let me tell you somethin.
uhh, uhh, it’s like i die a little every time i see you with this guy
thinkin to myself, “now why the h-ll she with that guy”
while she ain’t by my side, we would be so fly
we would live that life
the life you used to dream is all about rapp-in
back when i used to pull my bmx up alongside of your schwinn
see, and here we are again
funny how fate brought my phantom up alongside of your benz
and still

[chorus] w/ ad libs

[outro: nelly]
yeah so, i mean, like i said
you know we been knowin each other for a long time
you seen me go through, i seen you go through
we here now and, i just thought i’d tell you that
so, you got my number, as you got my e-mail
you know everything
so i guess the next message i get from you
will let me know what you think about this right here, aight?
aight, get home safe

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