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nerfonator – frostbite lyrics


uh, waking up and reporting
sorting the day out in my cortex
my vision feelin’ distorted
emotions contorted and pouring all out of my core
but i’m poor and can’t afford the toys for my daughter
so i thought of a plan
hop up in my van and hold the man behind the counter hostage
tell him to deposit the money in my hand
it’s gorgeous but horrific, but i just keep stickin’ with it
the clock hits four innit and i’m all off whippin’ in it
and as i pull up to the gas station, my heart’s racing
and anxiety spreading through my chest like radiation
since she’s also an orphan
this gon’ be the most important portion of her morphing into a normal human being
thank god she ain’t seeing this
cause i’d rather see her doing this than for her daddy to get seen going through this
but man, i’m just taking a p+ss with this thought
i stop and grab the shotty
then i hop out of the van with no one to come stop mе
kick in the door and point the barrel to his hеad
i said to empty the register quickly
or i’m gon’ shoot you dead
without hesitation he dumps the money on the counter
and without a single second to bounce up
he took his last breath
red spilling on the station stretch
i grab every cent and then i’m off to repent
the sirens blare in the air, tires skid on the cement
i’m crying without a care but i gotta make it to bed, uh
snow gracefully hitting the window
and in my mind, i can hear the action movie music start to crescendo between my temples
the tempo picks up
and a couple half+ton tracks begin to enter the scene
a couple washingtons begin to bleed from my bag and into the seat
i tuck ’em back in with my eyes locked on the street
cops be flockin’ at me
stop please, i’m gonna scream
i hope this ain’t for the rock, pot or the weed
then i take a sip, this vodka is weak
i need something that’ll stop me from weeping
then my nog’ hits the wheel
my eyes locked on my feet and not even watching where i steer
a tear hits my lap, another swig’s where it’s at
the cap flying off and in the seat with the bag
they don’t know what’s coming they way
i’m ready to spray
cause now a brotha got enough to pay for christmas day
uh, the clock hits eight, they still on my ass
pull a sharp right, so do they
it’s a villainous task
k!lling for cash, peelin’ his cap
blood spillin’ from gash after gash
and i just keep dwelling on that
a few choppers up above me propel, beaming light on me
they just keep giving me h+ll
they have the sights on me
one more swig and i throw the bottle out of the car
the glass shatters, popping they tire
that’ll show who’s in charge
i pull a left into a parking lot
such a hotspot for cops
they surround me as a stop
astounding how i’m not shot
i got rounds in every pocket
and the energy bout to take off any time soon like a rocket
i step out of the vehicle, boots hitting the ice
they say “put your hands up!”, and so i comply
nothing much i can do in this situation
i’m facing a hundred cops and they barrels point at my face
and they temper is building higher
the fire burns up inside and i’m crying
my glassy eyes ain’t persuading they violent minds
they move in closer, what the h+ll else am i gon’ do?
pick up the pump and shoot?
and leave blood staining my shoes?
but i just pick up the .9
loading the clip one last time
point it to my mind with pride to end criminal disguise
tonight, the stars align
and i’d rather just die
i say “merry christmas everyone, and have a good+”