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nesian mystik – life is yours lyrics


“life is yours”

[intro (adlib)]

[sabre (verse 1):]
fyi to those concerns, rsvp life lessons learnt
yeah i seen some ashes, clip my wings
but i can’t let hurt define what the future brings
burnt bridges, cut ties
thought about my wrists, but could never say good bye
cause no matter how bad it gets
somehow i see my mum’s face and i can’t accept
life without the smile of my son
my daughter’s eyes when i use the love
felt pain i never knew exist
but if i can’t make right then what’s left ya dig
truth be told it’s seems easy to let go
so i got to catch a grip and just hold on
tunnel visions what i’m trying to achieve
at the end of the day only got 1 life to lead.

[awa (chorus):]
when the world seems to be
falling around me
i try, yes i try, to keep on moving up
i keep on moving up
whenever times get tough
dont let anything get in your way
this life is yours and it starts from today.

[oldwun (verse 2):]
i see a world full of sunlight that outshines the darkness
a life full of hope that outcasts the heartless
love with no parallels, dreams beyond bounds
cloud 9 in sight and it’s safe to touchdown
over induldge in the goodtimes (goodtimes)
stay afloat on the good vibes (good vibes)
wipe the dust from my eyes cos i’m ready to see
i’m in control of the world in front of me.

[junz (verse 3):]
yeah, so i take time to breathe
when the going gets tough i got to dig deep inside
coz it’s only you on my mind
this is what i got to do in order to supply for my,
fams that got my back and i owe it all to you to stay on track
so ima stay true to you, so when i get it we can kick like we use to.



[chorus out]