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nezzy official – shovelhead lyrics


[verse 1: nezzy]

yeah, f+ck a, f+ck a, f+ck a one man army
i’m a one man marine corps
going up, something like lamborghini doors
i’ve been learning hands on
you ain’t never leave the porch
i won’t stop stop till the garage got heated floors
i make songs that
don’t even f+cking need a chorus
she say she like the way
that i play with metaphors
feel like ive seen this before
must be deja vu
everything that i spoke into existence
it all came true
pause, resume
i had a fire undеr my ass
a year later & the flamе grew
funny how the loudest boos always
come from the cheapest seats in the venue
your priorities need attended to
got so many options
i don’t know which one to chose
i don’t miss when i shoot
infamous platoon
i don’t just rap
i made this instrumental too
i’m on my russ sh+t
anything intangible im know to f+cking touch it
don’t mention my name
if you ain’t discussing the goat
clearing obstacles like
the phlegm in my throat (ahem)
for every dark place that you in
a brighter setting awaits
even lucifer possess divine traits
f+ck real estate, i got
intellectual property
couldn’t slow me down
even with an opportunity to stop me
[verse 2: johnny lowkey]




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