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nhemy – 32 (reload) lyrics


obese nhemy
you den freestyles, ah sorry eno be freestyle
the beat dey be, we too we for rap for top som


i’m fly n i’m heavenly, ’bout to rhyme on this heavily
i’m leaving a legacy, i’m as cool as you’ll ever see
shipping letters like odc , show you love when it’s k!lling me
evidence of the god in me, yeah you know that he proud of me ugh

without the love, i’ll be in the ground six feet
pushing up daisies, im alive in the 3d
ma life is a movie, show the wonder on this steevie
it’s easy, but i ‘on take the credit, i got pg

spitting sixteens, need a choir to -ssist me
my life is all praise, so them arrows they miss me
got wounds in the sky. i mean i soar higher
in a world of eskimos, i light this art on fire

hip-hop is the culture, ma faith right in the middle
i’m putting god first, music playing second fiddle
on the keys, at least you know i’m not alicia
singing no one’s been made in the image of the seizer

saving he saving ’em, take a friday make it good
good and we praising him, hallelujahs in the hood
yeshua for everybody, prophesy understood
nyame ba te me mu, now why they calling me a fool

do them like a boomerang. they thought they had k!lled christ
back with a full house. acing this new life
boy got the peace on him. he sounding like suge knight
people hit a nerve, i’mma show that i’m too nice

good music, that the name of the new sound
god crafted, you can play it till the trumpet sound
if anybody ask you why we never down low
say we got this win free like the first name oprah

devil try’na sell a lie but i ain’t buying
nhemy never follow h-ll, he ain’t frying
this all of grace, call it c .h spurgeon
i’m married to the word, not a king james virgin


abi i tell you sey i go rap
the beat dey pap, we too we for rap for top som
it’s been a while man
but i still got it in the name of jesus
rock with me now

rock with me
rock with me
rock with me now

jesus and bow ties for everybody man
obese nhemy