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nich sinatra - untitled lyrics


this track’s so elegant. and i’m nick sinatra. my only wish is peace for all the thieves that wanna murder me, murder me, murder me, murder me. my only wish is peace for all the thieves that wanna murder me. we’re gonna need some rest and peace for any thieves that wanna murder me. you listen to me speak, i swear you can hear eternity. convinced i’ve seen a glimpse of the future and it’s worth the beat. feelin’ like i’m a sw+ng guy and the feeling cause a f+ckin’ scene. smokin’ on that strong hercules, hercules, they dreamin’ of a cocaine beast. with waves of purple lean right now, i’m in heavy traffic. waitin’ for your heart to leave a sad sight to see. much rather be him than me. he paid with his life to ride clean inside a limousine. fame has a price if you’re only willing to pay for it. that’s why i ride with famous straps and knives. like a effin’ skateboarder. no sb dogs or babes, a skateboarder that i ain’t. i lace my pistol grips with strips of skateboard tape. forgive me for my sins, i pray i may escape my fate. it’s gonna take some hollow tips to create these pictures i paint. have mercy on them n+ggas tryna trip in this place. skinny clips, lucifer tips, shoved in a ak. won’t be a pretty picture but leave a permanent stain. so many different victims don’t remember their names. addicted to prescriptions, poppin’ pills for the pain. my trigger finger itchin’, need to fill up my fate. like a spinnin’ sprinkler system on a hot texas day. it makes no difference which direction i spray. in the morning, take you shoppin’ at the market with the k. body parts for the bargain, paint a torché on your face. red dot, super saver, still can’t wait. meanwhile, haters wait for me with a sealed up state. they wanted me to tell, tell now i came. true and real, i remain and i still ain’t changed. like a spinnin’ sprinkler system on a hot texas day. it makes no difference which direction i spray. ayy. i’m goin’ back in, y’all. let me catch my breath, catch my breath. draped in designer clothes, got me ready for the world. can’t lie, but since i seen your ho been sweatin’, yo girl. took her home, got the throat, plus the treasure trove and pearl. you already know i made your ho’s toes curl. peepin’ through the lens of a million candy swirls. while i’m creepin’ in a benz, color candy coated pearls. no seeds, no stems, mix the soda with the syrup. you catch my drift and sickness, guess now’s the time to hurl. cause ain’t no rest stops between here and wherever. you listen to me rock, i swear you can hear forever. put my n+ggas up in prison, wishin’ we was here together. so many distant memories, my eyes misty like the weather. but if you just believe, no doubt you’ll make it through. whenever i’m in a drop, i throw the set up out the roof. one of 100 deep, hey world, take a look at me. cut straight from the cookie sheet, then baked on these cookie streets. making me as tough as you rookies could ever be. by all means, consider me the enemy of all things fake. known to spread love worldwide, but y’all just hate. but that’s what haters do. that’s why i’m doing what i’m supposed to do. where i ride, what i do. word about you, that’s what i’m doing. the f+ck is you doing?

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