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nick shea – doing it for me lyrics


watermelon juice, i could bathe in it
take my time, i savor it
i look so good, i should take a fl!ck
life’s amazing, i create what i live
you would have seen what it took it you a day one
i keep going cuz i still ain’t done
got goals so vivid, i could really taste ‘em
when i feel like nothing, gotta go and make something

i’m doing it for me
a baguette and cucumber slice
if it’s good, then we might do it twice
there’s one chance at this thing called life
i’m smooth, gorgeous, i’m too f+cking nice
i took a shower then i air dried naked
i feel at peace because i steer away from hatred
i never focus too much on what they saying
all i hear in my head is “we gon make it”

i’m doing it for me