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nick weaver – small man lyrics


you on the stallin’ tip/
chillin’ like a bolshevik/
focus it, right here it lands you see parogi grip/
paroni sip, right in my hands/
the microphone it sits, noticed it, might by be the jam stockton malone -ssist/
me and these beats/
like a fetus and in the cleats/
baby boy beastin’ on em no need to even speak/
we can see the weak, speaking frequently/
but we don’t tweak/
we don’t even need to reason for them speakers to repeat/
ugh, kinda gross/
how they fallin/
mamma knows/
how i’m ballin/
down the coast, california/
halitosis up on ya/
now the spokesman for all the/
little p-ssy boys crying get when they don’t get the order/
no thanks/
one more time i pull rank/
paul frank dress socks 5’7″ tall length/
blacked out suit with the custom swede frames/
amaretto in my coffee, while i dip my swedish crèmes, like bang…
what you doin small man?, huh, huh,
oh you know i’m just livin’ how i live, live
how you livin’ small man?, huh, huh
60 seconds by the minute to forgive,
where you goin tall man?, huh, huh,
around the way to just find my spot again, ok
well why you running from your plans?, huh huh,
cause i don’t wanna get caught up from within, godd-mn…
catch flight on a pterodactyl/
the bony mad max man fourty on the axels/
capsule of 90s raps sittin on the dashboard/
reppin with no recourse, floating on a gl-ssboat/
peeping all the manitees, and watching where the crabs go/
a dolphin in the water when i’m flippin through these raps flows/
gl-ss is always half full/
don quixeote’s castle/
in the spanish distance, i’m a manic with the tracks though/
handed me a p-ssport but i ain’t left the b-tch yet/
rippin’ through my hometown, aloe vera blistex/
that or what you got in them thighs will keep these lips wet/
a tormented tongue tornado right through your fishnets/
quick step, steph curry/
misstep, necks turning/
next verbal steal your shine like the beget burglar/
texture is, fine/
i’m reppin everytime/
got slapped in the face when i crept from behind, like…