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no legs – dull blade lyrics


how self destructive can i be
when these actions have longevity
i swear they do
immortal the more i speak on em
scarred over
only takes a scratch to bleed
i got some wounds

stay making room
every day i am picking at the proof
flesh under my nails
pales in comparison
to what’s been staring back at me
claiming it’s the truth

copying my every move
i don’t know what i should do
never follow a fly who
who only following fruit
choking on my pride
ima try make room
dull blade
waits for consequence to cut through
like pull up
come thru

consequence cuts through night
to exist like a light
and die like one
i am burnt
i was bright
i’ll exist in every square inch
whatever you’d like

how inorganic can a root be?
not natural actually this was buried
and then dug up
still i scurry to the function
vision murky
dirty water got me f-cked up
like i’m blunt guts on the floor of the crib
sure enough i should clean up a little bit before we dip
but i don’t give a sh-t
i’m in the sauce like a chip
all options get exhausted
when smoke leaving my whip
recline and decline every call that i get