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nolan patton – away from us lyrics


so go the nights, that we all left behind us
so go the days, with august in our way
so go the years, that we’ll never have back now

you came along, with so much left to tell me
i was so young, i had nothing more to say
and now you’re gone, and i’ll think about it always

i will think, and you will write
and we’ll watch these days roll by
into the wind and away from us now

when were the stars too far for us to notice?
when were the lines too gray for us to see?
when did the wind start to tighten up our shoulders
and make us walk so desperately?

you may forget, but i’ll always remember
that nothing lasts, yet it always stays right here
and then one day, maybe you’ll find a way to disappear

and when you’re gone, you will know
that what you wanted was more
and now it’s yours, so far away from us

when were the years all we had to notice
that what was gone will not be coming back?
when nothing here is worth holding onto and you’ve left

and all the lights that walk us down the sidewalks
and all the sounds from the window to the lawn
and every word we won’t say to each other now is gone

i will leave and you will stay and
every corner along the way
i will turn to be away from us