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nomad – calumniator lyrics


my mind is shouting
with voice of monster
dark phantom
hidden under the mask
my eyes are screaming, too
scalded in flames

welcome to cunning demon
calumniator of each truth
blaspheming your dance
strokes like sand

welcome my sin
a th-rn of my heart
a forge of my slip
tyrant of your pride

in my heart
bores the holes
bites the sin
drenched madness
i feel
bottom of time
desire depth
chains of time
and fire
at his foot was wreathing
like snake around me
and fire
was swaddling him so wheedlesome
in my hands flashed his glow

i haunt prayer for your god
conscience covers my face secret
i’m suffering in colvulsion of eternal power

dance, dance – in flame of my eyes
scream, scream – with contempt of my days

l’m asiring a well of my sins
l’m stepping through calumny of my world
warm of curse swings my hands