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nomad – nameless throne lyrics


protect your god
storm is coming
run away before the wind
abundance of truth swells
disappearance stupidity and hope
now took for a refuge
foots of power and words
of my truth will crush you

locked gales before greedy hand
silent altar bestowed a humility
nameless throne persuades to faith
madman without scruples pr-nounces false
you’re crawling in front of the symbol created by you
you’re a puppet of your fear

wake your dry life
uncover eyes before the truth
stop spitting at concealment
you won’t revive the dead words

dictator’s eyes are closed
that sight is forbidden
paradise is impossible for you
i spit in tyrant’s face

goes army of hungry souls
goes disgrace of your thoughts
goes world full of truth
goes revenge on the glory throne

power cursed for ages is coming
delight of your desires is waking up
hypnotized rise to scream

the dead will always cry