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nordland – hunted by pan lyrics


wanderer of the wastelands, heed no earthly call
watching nothing
fearing nothing
seeing nothing
yet you are watched

dark eyes, yet brighter than the new moon
ageless wisdom of the aeons fade

cloaked in ash and oak
silent master of the north wind
silent master of the cold north wind
giving signs, like the crows call
all you need to do is listen
listen to the call
come to him through silent reflection
he waits with open arms

devil, devil
with a black heart
the twistеd truth you were shunned from thе light
you were betrayed by a false broken prophet
but you are the hunter and i am the star

stalking lost souls
you are the wind in the oaks
you live in the night sky
where stars are born and stars will die

and the ravens cry
you are the burning heart of a fading screaming star

hunted by pan
unnatural to those from the dying light
for he is my god
brother to the wind and the morning rise