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nost – solidarity lyrics


where do my hands start and end if living in their patent trends are causes for you fleeing scenes of indiscreet patterned mockeries of both our bodies, half the meaning, turned to doubt and without feeding any sense of our importance. scratched to “lack of”, pushed to backs of closets holding our parents scoldings, sold in memory to expansive reverie. coloring you now in rosy hues, in choosy suitings to my selfish broodings. contrasted with the pithiness of romantic ignorance. each splattered hiss in in hedonistic explicit near-misses, invested so endlessly in the promise of you missing me. while never gone n sp-ce, but face to face, i’m lost and pr-ne to chase this tail in a stale wind of no new sense to call my own, but droned on endlessly by those less tense than me. on the offense, to speak of love candidly. i can’t see it otherwise, sadly, it’s covered by moss over time and weight, but plated, nailed to walls that had failed me

yeah, i admit it, i’d skipped all the basics. of what makes a heart, and by whose strength you face it. i’d braced it once, steadily, arms set expectantly, but you never fell in. you’d never seen me. prouder than thunder, louder than anything, though all in my head, and scattered to better seas. numbered as all these apologies, though insincere, and hilariously unfair to the ent-ty “we”, if ever existing. missing you endlessly, without a pulse or beat

living in my shadow