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nøtinvain – hometown hero* lyrics


f+ck it, let’s go

[verse 1]
b+tch, i’m from the lou
and i’m who the f+ck you skip to
hometown hero
try to murder this ego
it’s the f+ckin’ size of imo’s
maybe the whole strip mall
same city repped in my songs as lean’o’s
f+ck these f+ckin’ black shoes
it’s natural, i’m slip resistant
yo, my twitch is genetic
and the stress made it more persistent
i’ve been told my flow is inconsistent
almost tried to rock an open mic with it
f+ck it, guess i’m goin’ overboard the ship
but if that’s the case i guess it’s overnight
like an amazon shipment
weapon, sеmi+automatic
clip is goin’ cl!ck clack
bust you full of tic tacs
you know i ain’t with that
flow is like a lot of homies
know it’s gonna switch fast
i f+cked your wifе bro, yo that b+tch fat
that’s a burn like my wrist tat
got that cause i miss mac
started sippin’ whis like my sis
when we’re cryin’
she got a sack full of sacrifices
don’t wanna be an addict
why would i wanna risk that
and f+ck up my nine lives
nine lives
[verse 2]
also miss my cat, max
loved him almost like he’s blood
but i ain’t in a gang
and this ain’t a max pad
caffeine addict goin’ out with a bang
they tell me to do better
but i’m already the greatest of all time
they tell me to climb higher
but i’ve never seen these heights
at least not since my first rap name
but you gonna remember my name
it’s the diamond in the rough
it came from scribblin’ pain
and walkin’ in suits with the stains
vain just keeps droppin’ diamonds
like it’s f+ckin’ jupiter rain
smokin’ a sack with this girl
she got the boof up in her brain
i hit my roof in the booth
harder than a f+ckin’ train

who am i kidding though?
there’s a stiletto stuck in my kidneys
everyone’s gone but n0body’s missin’
when i start bustin’ out triplets
and i spit fire hotter than all of these riplets
memories with you turn cold like holy sh+t
you turned the arch into the mountain just for sisyphus
rappin’ quiet
[verse 3]
until the day the fear stops
always been afraid of heights
until the day my f+ckin’ ears pop
workin’ all these places
where the people rob the managers
therapist asks about my
problems with abandonment
i can feel you leavin’ too
so why don’t i abandon ship?
like the homies with me playin’ d12
you know “my band” was lit
like me with a check goin’ to get buy some cannabis
can of whoop+ass?
nah, you just a can of b+tch
like the eminem diss
that’s an imminent switch

[verse 4]
catalytic converter ain’t made you less toxic
to be honest, i’m exhausted
said i hit my roof
but i know that i can top it
i’m gonna switch my topics
be the goat up in your optics
cause i see no other options
pain in the ass like an +n+l arthritic
rappin’ like the bible
and the one that author+ed it
yeah, you know i’m gonna grill any hypocritic critics
got another project written
just watch the words that i’ll be spittin’
no more words for the b+tchy high roller
b+tch you know where i’m from so it’s no wonder
why i’m spittin’ with a granitic chip on my shoulder
it’s nøtinvain, motherf+cker
welcome to the motherf+ckin’ colosseum
i’ll see you in july, b+tch