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nøtinvain – trash rap lyrics


[verse 1: leejoe-da-rapper]
word, everything used to be about me
now, everything’s even more about me
i was singing lyrics to a song i heard on glee
then, i got online and i played nintendo wii
i got down on my knees and started
playing with my wee-wee (my wee-wee)
it’s a wee-fee, man

*actual mumble*

[verse 2: leejoe-da-rapper]
aye, aye, aye
you know you’re an oldhead, leejoe
yeah, you’re an oldhead
you such an oldhead
you’re an oldhead
did you know that you’re a oldhead?, yeah
i knew you were an oldhead, aye
yeah, yeah, aye

(here we go!)

[verse 3: leejoe-da-rapper]
i know you do your horrorcore
well imma… imma take you to the store
and then i’m gonna cop a wh-r-
and then i’m gonna… buy some pants
and then i’m gonna… b-boy stance
then, i’m gonna buy your mixtape
and… and shit on it
then i’m gonna find
your… somebody and… and sit on ’em, man
would you believe that i’m rhymin’ here, man?
would you believe that i’m rhymin’ here, man?

[outro: leejoe-da-rapper]
people probably actually going to
like this part of the song, f-ck
what the h-ll’s wrong with people?