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noza jr. – bazzxment interlude lyrics


(verse 1 switch 2unez)
i feel like i’m all the time n+ggas they be watching
ain’t got no time to stop man i’ll be flexing
hustling hard everyday to make this money
to make this money, to make this money
i ain’t seen no friends around
all of them are fake
come around for trouble man
i ain’t exactly fake
i just keep my head straight
and now i got the fame
now god done bless me and i’m in it
i ain’t playing with it
all these n+ggas they’ll be angry with it
they’re saying i’ve been polling with it
but i’m after my future

(verse 2 noza jr.)
yeah yeah no oh oh
now you go here
now you wanna flow
you should know i feel pain in my soul
every day i have been on the road
people are talking and talking it
people wanna drop here
people wanna drop me everyday
every day of my life
i keep thinking on and on
i’ve been going on and on here
got a drop in the zone
up in the moon (straight up)
n+gga with the flow here
reap what u sow here
we’re thinking one sided
we’re living divided
now we’re going straight up
everybody wanna move all the way up

(verse 3 sammy joe)
i just popped the pill and i’m feeling out of mars
mama looked me in my eyes and she don’t recognize
i just want the f+cking rolly and i am outta mars
now working so hard never stopping till i’m down
down six feet under
all of them scared of death
i ain’t never scared of death
pills make me go so hard
feeling like i’m jack and jill
i just went up the hill
i just wanna get this cash

(verse 4 vido)
yeah i’m coming back
i’m coming back
i’m coming back
it’s the same me
i do this sh+t
i go back
it’s the same me
i popped the pill yeah
it’s the same me
it’s the same me
it’s the same me
it’s the same me
i’m going hot
i do this sh+t
i make the money stack man
it’s the same me
it’s the same me
i never really changed
well i remember when i was broke
man this sh+t is on me
yeah, you’re the changer
all these n+ggas wanna s+x little vido