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nuke – the awakening lyrics


[verse 1 nuke]
i act how i feel
i speak whats on my mind
i get straight to the point
don’t like wasting my time
i don’t talk a lot
i stay to myself
got demons in my brain
they tell me not to get help
i fall for girls easily
but they just break my heart
i had some good friends
but we fell apart
don’t talk to my dad a lot
but i don’t really care
’cause i know when i need him
he’ll never be there
i dropped an album
n0body liked it
i tried to sell it
n0body would buy it
i switched schools a lot
4 schools in the 7th grade
i understand new things
i think i’m at that age
i had a girlfriend
that went terrible
she wanted a long relationship
like marital
she got on my nerves
she was so loud
so i broke up with her
i was so proud
call me three musketeers
i got mars bars
i’m lookin’ in the sky
and i see silver stars
but she’s more than a star
she’s a constellation
i told her ignore them girls
that’s constantly hatin’
i always say she’s s-xy
she always say she’s not
well baby you’re torchin’
more than hot
i got trust issues
i’m feelin’ like drake
i’m not used to the love
but i’m used to the hate
stuck in the dark
tryna find the light
doin’ all the wrong things
but i’m thinkin i’m right
ain’t made a song in a while
but i been makin’ beats
dudes keep hatin on me
i don’t think they want beef
this is my renaissance
my rebirth
gettin’ all this my chest
i don’t think it’ll hurt
you’re probably listenin’ to this thinkin’ what’s wrong with me
but even if you had my eyes you wouldn’t be able to see
… my problems