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nyssa – blessèd touch lyrics


he’s in the other room
trying to fix the washing machine
but he’s not a technician
so he won’t succeed
how do you get other people
to just be ok?
to not feel annoyed or defeated
by every little thing
i’m watching the seeds
i’m hoping to catch them growing
and i’m laundering the blind folds
while outside it’s softly snowing
in the caribbean
there’s a beach with my name on it
there’s a circle in the sand
and my demons dance upon it
ooh blessèd touch x 2
give it to me, your blessèd touch x 2
chеck to see what time it was
when all the clocks stoppеd
mark the moment with a howl
carve its name upon a rock
the washing machine is broken
so i’ll call the landlord when i wake up
and then i’ll cover up my eyes
and wait for my demons to drum up luck
i’m standing at the crossroads
and i’m covered up red
and i’m asking to just catch a little break
a little slip a little slide a little leeway’d really make
things a whole lot easier
and i do pretty well in the underground
but i don’t know about everyone else
so give me some of that demon love
for me my lovers and my friends and my family
tell me what you want and i’ll do it
tell me what you want and i’ll get to it
ooh blessèd touch
won’t you give it to me

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