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nana mouskouri – he’s gone away lyrics


he was just a stranger to me
though at first he hardly knew me
his devotion, his emotion
like an ocean swept right through me
for a while he loved me sweetly
and it broke my heart completly
when my true love found a new love
and he left me so alone

he is gone away
and it’s all over now
won’t waste a day
wondering why or wondering how
love didn’t last
and my world went astray
time flew too fast
i will love another day
what’s past is past now
and he’s gone away

once i couldn’t live without him
i was too in love to doubt him
then my true love found a new love
now i never think about him
just sometimes as night is falling
in my heart i start recalling
how he told me, when he told me
he would love me all my life

( repeat 2 )

- nana mouskouri lyrics

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