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nana mouskouri – oh mama, mama lyrics


oh mamma mamma
i am very happy
i never knew
a girl happier than me
the bells are peeling
and my head is reeling
i have got a feeling
this just cannot be
la la la la…
la la la la…

i hear the music
floating through the window
and i see them dancing
in the city square
my heart is beating
and keeps on repeating
i will soon be meeting
my lover who is there


oh mamma mamma

mamma wish me well now
help me weave a spell now
make my lover care

eyes as bright as jewels
in the moonlight
he’s the one, the only one
and i love him so
oh! please mamma
tell me i look pretty
i must be on my way
i can’t wait to go

oh soon my love
and i will be together
into a new world
we will dance away
oh! mamma maybe
he’s going to tell me
darling, we will marry
what a happy day

- nana mouskouri lyrics

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