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nasty savage – ritual submission lyrics



face to face
proposition is made
all your rights
as a human
with no risk
at all
hard facts
his word is
his bond
a hot sweaty
grip of fear
her cruelty
can’t be controlled
she’s your mistress
body and soul
you signed
a contract to die
she took you
in hand
the spin of her
web began

ritual submission
it happens everyday

welcome pain
in a
kind of way
bite the bullet
to open
up your brain
narrow shallow
closed minds
always run a
step off time
four followers
and no leader
daddy’s boy
and a teacher
breath deep
the poinson gas
living in
the working cl-ss

ritual submission
ritual submission

black sky night
spin in a
moon lit woods
the dogs
were howling
in disbelief
quail hollow
send no flowers
for the
head of the
he’ll get the
grand tribute
when they
scatter the ashes
so van dercar
and salvador
an open door
ritual submission
ritual ritual

- nasty savage lyrics

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